A Little about Reclaim You, Inc.

Under construction, here are some thoughts to begin with

Description of Reclaim You Inc. (RYI) in one sentence:

Justice-focused, psychotherapy practice which centers those who have experienced trauma.  Oppression is traumatic. Violence is traumatic. We are BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and sex worker affirming.

Office Space (Currently Only Remote due to COVID-19 pandemic):

The office building is public transit accessible, has its own parking lot; elevator and doorways accommodate most wheelchairs. The restrooms on the floor, where the office is, are binary and not wheelchair accommodating. The restroom which is gender-neutral and wheelchair accessible is on the ground floor.  We attempt to be very mindful of scents; know the people we serve include smokers, coffee drinkers, and people who wear artificial scents. If you would be supported with accommodations around scent, mobility aids, or anything else, let us know. It is a question for every individual on every intake.


More information to come!