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a little about Tatyana Foltz, LCSW

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Early on, I knew I wanted to work with those who are regaining their lives after something most would prefer to not even think about. However, it is all too common for this to become a part of our narratives.  These were narratives I grew up with partially due to being born into a Russian-American family. I heard about wars, famine, forced and voluntary migration, family (of choice and blood), love, and hope.  I noticed, as you may have in your own life, the people who were more open about their experiences had more fulfilling relationships and less addiction.  Seeing these differences allowed me to see the power of human connection, communication, and the power of unspoken secrets.  


For years I have been a clinical service provider collaborating with individuals who have survived trauma. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, gaining my Master's of Social Work at Howard University. When starting I worked with refugees supporting them in transition to the DC metro area.  Then worked in clinical settings specific for those who experienced interpersonal violence including not limited to sexual assault and/or dating violence.  In many of these settings, I noticed that there were fewer services centering LGBTQ+ and Black folks.  This was in DC! I ensured that I would affirm, continue to build the skills and knowledge to best collaborate with these communities.  This was critical when supporting those who survived forced and coerced labor.


I have settled in the Bay Area with my partner, dogs, and cats.  I fell in love quickly with the Bay Area and continued to collaborate with those who have been impacted by trauma and oppression.

Pronouns:   They/ Them

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California by Board of Behavioral Sciences #73986


Additional identities I hold are: currently housed, Russian-American white queer fat femme and a survivor of traumas.  Raised in New Jersey in a multi-faith, working-class family with union members. English was spoken at my parents' home; Russian, Ukrainian, English, and German spoken at my grandparents' home. Educated in public schools for primary education, then state university and the private HBCU graduate program. I manage a learning disability, also mental and physical chronic illnesses/ disabilities.

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