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A little bit about working together

Offering a wide range of care and services to support you through all of life’s complexity.  I look forward to supporting you to discover the tools and insights to achieve your goals on your terms.  Talking to a therapist can make things be clearer and even help you find hope again.  Your goals are my goals. I will work with you to find achievable goals specific to you. 

I have supported many people who have experienced trauma, depression, perfectionism, and difficulty in relationships. With my support, these people were able to heal.  They were able to reclaim themselves.  The frequency of sleepless nights, feelings of worthlessness, and worry became greatly reduced.  Their self-image, communication skills, and ability to embrace calm improved.  I would be happy and honored to collaborate with you during your recovery.

We engage in politized therapy aka radical social work. This means that we honor the person in the environment who are impacted by systems we have to navigate. If these systems like family, schools, communities, etc. nurture and care for us well we will move through the world differently if those systems neglect, abuse, or politicize our existence we will move differently.  Either way we can internalize these messages and therapy can help unlearn the ones which limit us.

If you are interested in a FREE 20-minute consultation

"Being listened to by someone who understands makes it possible for persons to listen more accurately to themselves."  

- Carl Rogers


Common Concerns Addressed

Trauma and Stressor-Related 

Self-Medication / Substance Use 

Surviving System Involvement 

LGBTQ+ Concerns

Controlling Relationships

Recovering from Abuse

Sexual and Gender Minority Stress

Ethnic/ Racial Minority Stress

Identity Development/ Clarity 

Informed by the following 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)




Cultural Humility/ Affirming

Harm Reduction


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