First Responders

Do you work in Law Enforcement, an Emergency Room, Crisis Response Team, Crisis Hotlines and/or Emergency Shelters?  Do you commonly see people's worst days?  It's a lot to carry.  Does it even feel like you are unable to tell specific things to your partner, co-workers or family?  This can be because you know how difficult it is to hold and process these events.  


You love what you do but see those around you "burning out" or you are noticing you are looking at situations very differently.  You may have noticed changes in your sleeping, eating or drinking.  You may feel isolated. These are common reactions to working in crisis and at times our bodies feel like they are in crisis all the time.  I worked in crisis services with many other first responders, I respect and understand this process.  I would be honored to work with you to reclaim your health in a nonjudgmental space.


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 considering suicide, abusive relationships, or sexual assault.


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