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Therapy off-site at courthouse, image of a gray courthouse  |  Tatyana Foltz LCSW
Off-site Accompaniment

Many times people who have experienced interpersonal violence and/or a crime are surprised about many parts of the process.  Are you considering filing a police report next time?  Or about that night?  Are you weighing the pros and cons of a protective order?  About a medical examination about that break that never healed right?  What thoughts and emotions come up?  Shame? Fear? Doubt?  

These are all common but they can still limit us from reaching out to the support we may want to connect to.  I offer services very few private therapists offer. If you would like I would go with you to the courthouse, emergency room, and/or crisis center.  Waiting for the exam or to testify can be very difficult and bring up the pain you are trying to end.  Having your/a therapist can support this process can support it being less anxiety-inducing.  

I would be happy to talk to you about this service, email us at hello (at) 

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